Uploading a Video to Project

Step 1: Click on the Upload Media button in the second panel from the top which will open the project's file management system.

Step 2: Click on the Upload from the top right side, browse the file that you would like to upload.

Step 3: Select an option to upload. Select file if you wish to upload the video directly. Select folder if you wish to upload the folder of videos.

Step 4: Once the upload is complete, Drag and drop the file in the folder β€œAdd to annotator”.

Note: If you have selected Folder in previous step, in that case, you will need to drag the video out of the uploaded folder and will need to be dragged to Annotator individually.

Step 5: Files in that folder will get automatically prepared for labeling, this can take up to 30% of the length of the video to complete.

Step 6: Once the file is uploaded successfully and is ready to be annotated, the first frame will be displayed in the project dashboard and the data related to file will populate on the right hand side.

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