🌟What is Lodestar?

Video labeling platform for computer vision model creation

The company

Lodestar was founded in 2019 in Silicon Valley with a vision to make it possible for everyone to benefit from intelligent systems.

In order to achieve that goal we are building tools that anyone can use to create computer vision systems and automate repetitive tasks.

We work with companies that want to automate repetitive processes so that they can provide a safer and more interesting work environment for their employees, higher quality products for their clients and better value to their shareholders.

The product

Lodestar is a complete management suite for developing computer vision models from video data. Our game-changing technology can help create production models dramatically faster than traditional AI workflows.

Video annotation

Everything you need to label a high-quality video dataset. Easily upload and navigate through hours of video or millions of images, manage annotators, create object categories or add custom metadata to annotations.

Dataset management

Experiment directly on the dataset while your labelers are working in the annotation tool. Stop wasting time creating and keeping track of dataset copies and manually slicing and dicing your data every time you run an experiment – work on a single source of truth.

AI model training

Design datasets with one-click GPU assignment and an integrated data science platform powered by Jupyter notebooks. Filter annotations down to the pixel level, train different inference models and validate dataset quality.

Let's get started

The link below will bring you to our quick start guide, everything you need to know to go create a high quality dataset from video.

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