Review Annotations

Step 1: Open the project dashboard Click on your project in the list and you will open up the project dashboard. Step 2 : Open the annotation explorer On the left column in the project dashboard you will see a menu item called annotation explorer, click this menu item to open the explorer and view your annotations.

Step 3: Identify issues Look through the annotations using the left and right arrows in the bottom right corner to change pages and click thumbnails to enlarge them. You can write notes or add flags to annotations using the details panel in the video annotator to bring complex annotations to the front of the annotation explorer so they are easier to review.

Step 4: Make the needed modifications Once you find a label that required modification you can go directly to that frame by clicking the yellow edit button.

Step 5: Add edge cases to the training materials If you find complex examples that your annotators are having trouble with during your review you can add those to the training materials by clicking the "make exemplar" button. This will display the thumbnail with the correct annotation on the category panel. You can also add a note in the annotation explorer to explain why an edge case should be labelled in a certain way.

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