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How to create a Support Ticket

Once you login to, you will be able to see your organization's existing tickets and submit new tickets or questions. To create a new ticket, click on Submit a request in the top right corner.
Here we can see some helpful materials and the button to create new tickets in the top right corner
Clicking this button will open the request creation form which gives you two options, creating a Support Request or asking a question.
Once you've selected create a support request a form will open with the following fields :
  • Subject : A short description of the issue.
  • Issue Description : A more detailed description of the issue.
  • Priority : How urgent this issue is, typos can wait, blocking issues cannot.
  • Operating System : The OS your are using i.e. Mac, Windows.
  • Browser: The Browser you are using i.e. Chrome or Firefox.
  • URL of the page where the issue occurred : The instance URL in where the issue was found.
  • Steps to reproduce the issue : Please help us understand the steps which can be used to replicate the issue, this is key in identifying the root cause and fixing issues quickly.
  • Expected results : What you were expecting to happen after performing the steps.
  • Observed results : What actually happened after performing the steps.
  • Attachments : Please upload relevant screenshots and logs for quicker resolution of the issue.