Summary Panel

In the Summary panel, you can perform below operations :

  • Change the Project Thumbnails

  • Edit the Project Name

  • Edit the Project Description

  • View the statistics related to the Project and the Video uploaded for annotation.

    • Media Length : Total length of the video

    • Number of Frames : Total number of frames present in the video where user can perform Annotations.

    • User Annotations : Total number of Annotations performed by the User.

    • Cross Validation Accuracy : This is a percentage that signifies how close the performance of the AI is compared to the human annotator on the set of annotations already created by the human. In order to calculate this, AI will split the full set of annotations into 2 parts, one for training the model and other for testing the model and calculate how the model is performing w.r.t human. It changes with time as AI is continuously improving itself over a period of time.

  • You can see additional fields related to project, annotations and categories in Project Dashboard

    • Cross validation Accuracy

    • Category Distribution : A graphical representation is there where you can see which category has more presence in the video.

    • Number of Selected Annotations : Represents the count of Annotations which are Flagged,Notes or Exemplars.

    • Number of Selected Frames : Represents the count of frames in which Annotations are Flagged, Notes or Exemplars.

When you click on the Manage Exemplars button, Annotation Explorer dashboard will open where you can see existing exemplars, you can add more or modify existing. Below is the link which has detailed information about the Exemplars.


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