Combining Multiple Video files

If you would like to use the scrub bar across all your video files you can run our jupyter template to combine your videos.

Step 1: Open the Project Dashboard Click on the project card of the project you want to work with Step 2: Open the file browser Click upload media, this will open the file management system in a new tab.

Step 3: Upload your folder of videos Click on the upload button in the top right corne of the filebrowser and upload your folder of videos.

Open the template named : Concatenate_videos.ipynb

Enter the name of your folder videos in the following parameter :

input_folder_path = '/workspace/raw_data/(your folder's name here)'

Use the play button to run the different cells in the notebook. Once the notebook is done running, open the file browser where you uploaded your data. You will find a new file called merge_vid. drag that video to add_to_annotator folder to ingest it and make it ready for annotation.

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