Confidence filtering

For every prediction made by the AI there will be a label that has the category name on it and below that label there will be a colored line that describes the confidence of the AI. Red means low confidence, yellow means medium confidence, green means high confidence.

Confidence Graph : It shows the confidence of the AI's predictions in the 6 adjacent frames, this is useful to quickly find low confidence predictions that are confusing the AI and fix them. In the very early stages of annotation you may find the system predictions are noisy because the model is still confused. The best thing to do is to use confidence filtering to quickly clear the predictions and keep only the highest confidence ones. Confidence threshold : You can use the 'C' key to set the threshold level for confidence and all the predictions below that threshold will be removed once you start editing or confirm the frame.

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  • >99%

  • >90%

  • >80%

  • >70%

  • >60%

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